Industries Served

We currently provide services and have master service agreements with customers in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Alternative Energy
  • CATV
  • Communications
  • Educational Institutions
  • Gas
  • Power
  • Private Industry
  • Water and Sewer Utilities

NAICS Code #'s
237110, 237120, 237130

Dunn & Bradstreet #

CPUC MBE Certification
VON #99IN0021

Contractors License
California A 766806
Nevada A 78424

Our Services


We provide all of the services as described below on a lump sum, unit price, daily, or hourly basis.

  • Directional Drilling
    Utilize our expertise, as we have the equipment and crews to meet your needs from small services to larger diameter casings, pipelines or conduit packages. This is the cost effective alternative to traditional open cutting techniques. More and more, the costs associated with restoration and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan compliance have made this the go to option.
  • Open Trenching
    Backhoe, excavator, trencher, rocksaw, etc. We utilize all of the options; this enables Pacific to provide our customers with the most cost effective method(s) of construction possible.
  • Plowing
    Whether conduit or direct buried cable, when it can be implemented this technique offers high production and relatively low unit costs. 
  • Aerial Construction
    Strand and cable placement, pole installation, anchors, transfers, cable re-lash and de-lash.
  • Vault Excavation and Placement
    Standard, intercept, and tunnel. We also perform manhole wreck-outs.
  • Potholing
    We utilize vacuum excavation equipment teamed with highly experienced operators to expose and document existing utilities.
  • Restoration
    Asphalt, Concrete, Landscaping. Our restoration crews are experts in returning the jobsite the original condition or better.
  • Cable Installation
    Our in-house crew gets the job done whether copper or fiber. We also provide duct verification, rodding, and innerduct placement. 
  • Bridge Attachments and Building Entrance Construction
    We offer these products in conjunction with some of our other services; although please contact us if you need assistance with just these services.
  • Traffic Control
    We provide traffic control plans and/or fully equipped traffic control crews.
  • Engineering and Permitting
    We can work with your in-house engineers on a consulting basis or we can outsource this product to our trusted vendors for a turn-key package.
  • Splicing and Testing
    We outsource this product to trusted vendors offering our communications customers a desired
    turn-key solution.
  • Additional services are offered on a case by case basis.

Feel free to call us at 530.669.7812 or send us an e-mail using our contact us form.