Industries Served

We currently provide services and have master service agreements with customers in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Alternative Energy
  • CATV
  • Communications
  • Educational Institutions
  • Gas
  • Power
  • Private Industry
  • Water and Sewer Utilities

NAICS Code #'s
237110, 237120, 237130

Dunn & Bradstreet #

CPUC MBE Certification
VON #99IN0021

Contractors License
California A 766806
Nevada A 78424



At Pacific Utility Construction we require all of our employees and subcontractors to abide by the mandates of our Safety Program. We emphasize that safety is a way of life, and not just another training session or safety meeting. Our safety program has been developed to ensure our compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and USA North Protocols. There is never a compromise when it comes to safety.

Safety Program Highlights

  • Mandatory Weekly Safety Meetings- All field employees are required to attend a weekly safety meeting on the first day of the work week. Daily tailgate meetings are required on higher risk projects or activities. All meetings are documented on the proper forms and filed in the office.
  • Job Hazard Analysis- This is our first step with a project. We analyze specific hazardous activities that are to be performed and we create optimal solutions that eliminate these hazards. Our project superintendent is mandated to review the findings with the crews. Each crew member is made aware of the specific hazards and the measures needed to eliminate each hazard.
  • Training Sessions- Our Safety Committee ensures that our field personnel have quality, up to date training. Including competent person, confined space, first aid and CPR, and any other relevant training as deemed necessary. Each session is documented with the attendees, date, topic covered, and certified trainer.
  • Random Inspections- In addition to daily inspections performed by the onsite supervisors, projects are randomly selected by members of our Safety Committee for a site visit to ensure that safety protocols are being followed.
  • New Employee Orientation- All new employees are required to go through new hire orientation where they are required to read and comprehend our Safety and Procedures Handbook and are given a drug and alcohol test. Once cleared after the orientation, each new employee is assigned a mentor to report to for field deployment.
  • Mentor Program- Each new hire is assigned an experienced mentor for an indeterminate amount of time; to work with in the field, reinforcing safe practices on a daily basis. They track progress and report back to their superintendent where the results are documented and evaluated on a weekly basis. This review is a heavily weighted element for continued employment.
  • Accident Reporting/Investigation- When an incident occurs, employees are trained to follow the procedures in the Safety Handbook. The closest supervisor at the time of the incident is required to fill out an incident report form that is to be sent into the office. Each incident is investigated by our Safety Committee where they perform an analysis, citing the causes and potential solutions. The committee then issues citations or disciplinary actions if necessary and mandates the field supervisors to enact the measures.
  • USA North Protocols- The mandates set forth by USA North are strictly adhered to as mandated by our safety program.

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